For Beginners

Lessons, class handouts and reference sheets on the basics:


Basic bidding guide Responder's bids in competition

Declarer Play: Forming a Plan

Bridge glossary Responding to 1NT

Declarer Play: Establishing Tricks

Opening 1-bids Overcalls & takeout doubles

Declarer Play: The Finesse

Opening 2-bids (strong) The reverse by opener

Declarer Play: Simple Odds

Opening 3-bids Forcing & non-forcing bids

Counting the hand

Opening 4-bids Slam bidding

Rubber-bridge strategy

Hand evaluation  Opening leads

Quick tips to improve your game

Which suit to respond? Defensive play



Learning to play bridge -- How to get started, and get better:


Group classes & self-teaching Developing your "card sense"

Web links to good sites for learners

On-your-own activities to build skills FREE Learn to Play Bridge software



For Advancing Players

Lessons and convention summaries for experienced beginners and intermediates:


Balancing over 1-bids Weak 2-bids

DONT convention

Balancing over other auctions Negative doubles

Roman Keycard Blackwood

Opening leads: aggressive Jacoby transfers

"Law" of Total Trumps

Opening leads: passive Jacoby 2NT major-suit raise

Lebensohl over weak 2-bids

Opening leads: trumps Drury convention

Lebensohl over reverses

Michaels Cuebids & Unusual 2NT New Minor Forcing

Lebensohl in 1NT auctions


Duplicate bridge:


IMP (teams) strategy Matchpoint (pairs) strategy

Web links for duplicate players


For Intermediate to Advanced Players

Bidding conventions and treatments  (most originally published in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin):


Strong Jump Shifts (3 parts) Defenses to 2-Suited Overcalls (3 parts)

Forcing Notrump Convention

Negative Freebids (3 parts) Opener's Jump-Reverse


Your 2C Bidding Structure (4 parts) 2-over-1 Game-Force System



Default agreements  (originally published in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin):


Was that a cuebid? (4 parts) Was that a penalty double? (II) (Parts 4-6)


Was that a penalty double? (I) (Parts 1-3) Was that a penalty double? (III) (Parts 7-8)



For Players of All Skill Levels

Flashes of brilliance -- Bridge feats & fun (all true) from my favorite partners & team-mates:


The One That Got Away The Missing Redouble Cards

The Obvious Solution (a bridge poem)

Toby and the Passion Coup Never Put Down an 8-Card Suit in Dummy

Concentration (another bridge poem)

A Rare Trump Squeeze Count, count, count

A Nightmare on Opening Lead


Other Articles:


Bridge World Standard Defense  


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